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The beginning

In 1984 the Alfa 90 came without the additional model designations such as Alfetta or Giulietta. It was a sign from Alfa Romeo to make clear that the model was the beginning of the "Nuova Linea" .

In those days, the last Alfettas were produced . But the technology was given a new life through its successor, the 90. Together with Bertone , a sober and traditional looking sedan was developed, based on the floor pan of the well tested 116-series ( Alfetta / Giulietta ) .

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

The looks

Due to the limited width of the basic bodywork, the choice was made for only 2 rear seats. Bertone and his team succeeded in widening the bodywork progressively from the windscreen rearwards, thus giving the Alfa 90 the interior space of a higher prestige car.

A striking detail is the lack of traditional drip lips; being replaced by special mouldings which should reduce wind noise at highway speeds.

The front ended up lower than the rear , wich resulted in a comfortable and spacious trunk .

A nice detail is the movable front spoiler, which is connected to two small dampers, so that the distance of the spoiler to the road surface is speed-dependent. At low speeds, the dampers draw the spoiler upwards, at higher speeds (from about 70 km/h) , it is being pushed down by the increasing wind resistance .
The purpose is two-fold : The aerodynamic effect and an almost perfect regulation of cooling air being guided to the radiator.

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register
History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

Also a lot of attention was given to the well known rust devil . The rocker panels and other places , where moist could accumulate , received plastic covers to keep rust at bay. The wheel arches as well got splash shields, also made of plastic.

The body got more spotwelds and space-age epoxy glues were used to further strengthen these welds. A thicker gauge steel was used and all moving body parts were electrolythically zinc-coated.

The bottom of the car was PVC coated and hollow parts were treated with parafin and very precious foams .

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

Bertone's design shows us a front that is equipped with a dark metallic coloured grille , that connects very nicely to the rectangular headlights . The light grey plastic bumper is finished with a shiny chrome trim at the top .

At both sides of the car a profile , shaped in the body , highlights the slimness .

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

Being proud of his design , Nuccio also left his signature by putting a little Bertone symbol at the bottom of the right sidepanel .

The interior shows us manual controlled chairs for the basic version , electrical adjustable ones for the Motronics and in the topversion , the Qo , they are also adjustable in height .
The steering wheel is adjustable in height as well as in distance ( radial and axial ) .

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register
History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

All versions were equipped with an anolog dashboard , except the 2.5 Qo , which had the well known but often cursed digital dashboard . Speedometer and rev counter are performed in a series of vacuum fluorescent tubes . The 2.5 Qo version had also an integrated on-board computer . It shows 7 functions : fuel consumption , average fuel consumption , avarage speed , distance left before running out of petrol , outside temperature , time and a digital chronometer .

All versions have electrical controlled windows for the front doors . And again the Qo has these function also for the rear doors . The switchers , to control all this , are embedded in a space looking console , attached to the headlining . Lightspots complete the picture .

The new designed handbrake handle is U-shaped and floats above an armrest , that hides a little storage compartment .

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register
History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

A very special and not so cheap option was a little suitcase , that fitted perfectly in a notch , situated in the dashboard on the passenger side of the car . Because not a lot of people bought this little precious , they are very hard to find nowedays .

The Sportswagon

In 1985 Carrozzeria Marazzi developped , on command of the Italian magazine Autocapital , an Alfa 90 SW . It had a 2 liter engine and was revealed to the public in November that year . Two cars were built but it stayed an experiment .

History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register
History Alfa 90 - The international Alfa Romeo 90 Register

The last contractions

In 1986 , on the Torino Motorshow , the Alfa 90 Super was introduced . Some changes were made to the car : A new grille with a wider chrome Alfa heart and slimmer bars . Some of the cars didn't get the movable spoiler anymore . It looks like they just used this expensive detail on the cars 'till they ran out of stock .

All available models from that moment on were only delivered in the Super version . The Qo lost its digital dashboard , because of various complaints and ,as a new option , owners could choose an ABS brake system .

In 1987 the Novanta days came to an end . The car never reached high sales figures : 56428 sold in 4 years.

Alfa 90 1.8 1984-87 6.677
Alfa 90 2.0 (both carburetted and injected) 1984-87 27.447
Alfa 90 V6 (both 2.0i and 2.5i) 1984-87 6.912
Alfa 90 2.4td 1984-87 15.392
From d'Amico & Tabucchi's Alfa Romeo production cars

Nowadays it is a very rare sight to spot one in the wild or on Alfa-events . But we are proud to own one !

Free translation by Earl Tupper and NovantaKristal from the artikel of Henk-Jan van Dijk ( Dutch 90 register )

Further info on Wikipedia (the mother of all Wiki sites)
Alfa 90 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_90
Alfa Romeo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo
The Designer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertone

Other internet sites
Histomobile http://www.histomobile.com/dvd_histomobile/histomo/2/history2.asp
Cars from Italy http://www.carsfromitaly.net/alfaromeo/index.html
Cars from Italy (direct 90 link) http://www.carsfromitaly.net/alfaromeo/90.html

More info on the ALFA 90 SW on this Russian site .

Translation by AlfaFrits and Babelfish :

Reading this text about Alfa Romeo Alfetta break Zagato, you can understand why the same person it decided to build specialist on the base of the new Alfetta - Alfa Romeo 90.
On by Turinsk auto-show during November 1984 Alfa Romeo represented model 90, which was based on technology Alfetta. Specialist, built to order Auto Capital, for the first time appeared on the pages of this periodical exactly yr after premiers 90, during November 1985.
In contrast to Alfetta break the building was charged Marazzi, to the same firm, which at the end of the 60th dealt with building 33 stradale. Just as Alfetta break machine was built in accordance with the wishes of customer and completed by many original accessories.
But nevertheless, probably it will more interesting describe about the fate of this automobile, than about the list of accessories.
Were built two Alfa Romeo 90 sw, but 4 I do not know the history of another automobile. Most likely, it is located in the hands of editor Auto Capital, just as Alfetta break. As far as the copy of that represented on the photo is concerned, it a little is differed from the first machine. Interior is realized in the special material tex in the Scottish style Of kamberlendskoy fur. In the machine were initially established front seats from the usual material texalfa (tex - "fal'shkozha"), but instrument panel was made from not the typical material "Valextra". In other respects the machine was differed in no way from the original. Well and now let us return to the history of the first auto-. In its time the machine was studied by specialists Alfa Romeo to the object of preparation for the series production. But project did not obtain development, just as 164 sw and 166 sw. After this, the machine was sold to the friend of the editor, who used its long time as automobile on each day, he has the dog, that gorged front seats! By this their difference from the original is explained. After this, the owner of automobile decided to sell him and turned himself to the local dealer Alfa Romeo with the request to count this machine on account of new. Dealer made this and counted machine as usual Alfa Romeo 90. But was located man, which possessed complete information about this Alfa even he understood, it presents what value. It proved to be Gippo Salvetti, that very President of the milanskogo club Alfa Blue Team. He without delay purchased this machine.
Now automobile is used rarely. It occupied its place next to similar vintage Alfa as 75 turbo Evoluzione and Giulietta Turbodelta in the beautiful and safe place near Milan. on the very important cases the owner of automobile assumes the invitation to demonstrate to its experts on the flights of owners Alfa Romeo. And this valid solution, this rare automobile it must occupy one of the key places in any collection.

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